Nazca Lines

By August 24, 2016Uncategorized

Nazca Lines – with light playing tricks on various branches, this looks more like the illusive Nazca lines – A relic from the ancient world that some believe to be a potent sign of advancement. It is believed that Nazca lines, situated in Peru, are the earliest form of runways in the ancient world, with intricately woven pathways that resemble the complexities of modern-day runways. Why did we have runways in the ancient world? Well, a scientific segment believes that our forefathers were not as primitive as we have made them to be. A lot of civilizations were scientifically advanced and seemingly connected with the worlds outside. It is believed that we as a race on this planet, were aliens to begin with, and were “seeded” to nurture this world like many other worlds. Come to think of it – there is a startling set of differences between humans and other life-forms on this planet. We can communicate, thereby creating “languages” with which we can “read” and “write”. We are “musical” and can differentiate between harmonies in nature. We have “inherited” “scriptures” that explain to us the purpose of our existence and that it’s more than mere existence. Our forefathers looked up to the skies to “understand” the concept of “time”, “stars”, “galaxies”, “planets”, and could correlate the micro cosmos with the macro cosmos, much before the present-day modern civilization could even comprehend it. Makes one wonder “who” or “where did we come from” if we are not from this planet – the void, possibly?

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