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  • Think Void

            Snore of a 100 crore
      For too long this country has turned a blind eye to everything. For too long this country has slept. It’s time to rise. Featuring Keith Peters on the Bass Guitar.

            History Betrayed
      History is the biggest teacher of them all. But what happens when we distort History itself? Is it not the biggest act of betrayal? Featuring Adriano Fernandez on the Musical Saw.

            On The Edge Of The Unending
      Dr. Prakash Sontakke plays the Slide Guitar as we traverse towards the end of a strand, only to find it’s the beginning of another. The circle of life is unending.

            We The Fragmented
      Centered around the conflicts in the Middle-East, this song portrays the trauma the innocent citizens have been through, bearing the brunt of the violence for so many decades!

            Memories In Raindrops
      When it rains, it is nature’s way of expressing a song. A song in the form of blessing from our ancestors from up above.

            Please Dont Go
      While a lot of us might have lost faith in humankind, our pet animals remain resilient, placing infinite faith in humans. And how do we repay them? By abandoning them?

            One, The World Over
      A song about oneness, drawing inspiration from Ctenophores, the enigmatic creatures that exist in all the deep oceans of the world. Features Baiju Dharmajan on the Lead Guitars.

            The Stories We Live, Inspire
      Each of us is a story in the making, a story that will go on to inspire many others as it unfolds.

            Black Or The Red
      Inspired by the duality in colours of the Nataraja temple in Chidambaram, this is an analogy about how one needs to unveil their ignorance via their thoughts and deeds.

            That Which Can Be Heard
      The subtlest of the 5 fundamental elements, Ether or Void can only be experienced through ears, and this song is a celebration of the rich auditory experiences it brings!

            The Sudden-Born
      How often have we woken to a rush of thought, an instance of revelation, or a tune out of nowhere, and we’re left wondering as to how it happened? The answer is Sadyojat or Sudden-born.

            The Supreme Fractal Force
      Smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest, the all-pervasive Void is present in each fractal that makes up everything around us, driven by the unseen force of energy. Keith Peters graces this song on the Bass Guitar.

  • Background Scores and OSTs

            Dream Sequence - Ajit Padmanabh
            Tak! Tak! Tak! Theme - OST from the film Tak! Tak! Tak! - Ajit Padmanabh
            The Clock Watches Her Wait - OST from Aasare - Ajit Padmanabh
            The Hunted - Dark Retro - OST from Misfire - Ajit Padmanabh
            The Hunter - Psychedelic Kill - OST from Misfire - Ajit Padmanabh
            The Interrogation - OST from the film Tak! Tak! Tak! - Ajit Padmanabh
            For ReverbNation - Ajit Padmanabh
            Death Avenged - OST From Rudra - Ajit Padmanabh
            The Voices Within - OST from the film Tak! Tak! Tak! - Ajit Padmanabh
            The Wedding Saree Theme Song - Ajit Padmanabh
            They-Hope-By-The-Sunset-OST-from-Aasare - Ajit Padmanabh
            Thollichoopulo Reprise - Rajani B C/Ajit Padmanabh
            Thollichoopulo Reprise - Ajit Padmanabh
            Thollichoopulo Theme - Srinivasa Murthy/Ajit Padmanabh
            Thollichoopulo Theme - Ajit Padmanabh
            Trigger - OST - Ajit Padmanabh
            Trigger - Ajit Padmanabh
            Trigger - Ajit Padmanabh
            Yours Remorsefully (The Eee Song) - OST from the film Tak! Tak! Tak! - Ajit Padmanabh
            Burn Not Extinguish - OST From Rudra - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - Complete - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - With drums and bass - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - With drums bass and rhythm - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - With Flute - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - With Trumpet - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - Without drums and flute - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - Without drums and trumpet - Ajit Padmanabh
            Muthu - Without Drums - Ajit Padmanabh
  • Songs from 2012 – Early Years

            World Void Web Theme - Ajit Padmanabh
            World Void Web Theme Alternate Vocals Version
            World Void Web Theme Instrumental Version
            World Void Web Theme Studio Edit Version
            A Democratic Mind - Instrumental Version
            Darkest Cloud Has The Brightest Silver Lining - Ajit Padmanabh
            Dreams Are For Real Instrumental Version
            Dreams Are For Real RingTone
            The Fourth Dimension - Ajit Padmanabh