Journey to the Void

By September 15, 2016Uncategorized

The music artist takes his ideas and creativity, packs them in his rucksack along with his guitar, and goes on a trip. And at the end of the journey, songs are born.

Making a music album is no less than a journey for the artist who makes it. It’s about embracing your creativity and thoughts and seeing them evolve into music.  But this evolution, it takes time. It doesn’t wait to happen when you first enter the studio. It actually starts much before that. For Ajit Padmanabh, the journey to World Void Web and ultimately Think Void started off as him as a child, listening to Michael Jackson’s Bad. Hooked from the very first listen, it ushered to him a new world of sounds and instruments. He spent years absorbing those sounds, night and day. Years later he began dabbling with the keyboard and then progressed to guitar. With the guitar as his first choice, WVW kickstarted it as a lead guitarist for his college band, performing covers for rock and metal songs. Michael Jackson and Carnatic music legends were appended with Pink Floyd and Metallica, in his quest for new sounds. Along with it, a renewed interest in history and mythology began to appear, and the first seeds of a new way of musical expression started to develop. An expression without words.

Dabbling with instrumental music for several years, and a voracious reading of books, journals, e-articles, theories or opinions, on Indian philosophy, science and autobiographies instilled in him, a whole new direction and self-belief. It is this self-belief that compelled WVW to take a sabbatical from his successful career in IT industry, dwell on the concept of Akash or Void and bring Think Void to reality.

And that’s what WVW’s debut album, Think Void, is made up of. A journey filled with his inspirations and learnings, seeking the elusive Voidophone (Sound of Void) : all leading up to the first day of recording – Every bit of it shaping the idea that was Think Void. And the best part is that the journey has just begun! Let’s see what the next leg of the journey leads to!

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