Anger from the Mountains – Volcanic Ash?

By August 23, 2016Uncategorized

Anger from the Mountains – Volcanic Ash? The photo creates an illusion of the clouds forming a part of the volcanic ash erupting from the “Volcano” hill! It’s intriguing to note that man has always associated emotions with the acts of nature. Call it the limited perception of humans or their ability to perceive “unknowns” with “knowns”. We regard it as a “violent” act that can potentially “kill” or make a community or civilization “extinct”. Since the beginning of time, volcanic eruptions have known to be acts of nature aimed at maintaining the delicate balance that exists in this planet’s ecosystem. It’s a different world altogether within the volcano wherein organisms are believed to breed in high temperatures! Though modern science has come to take note of this through constant research and analysis over the last few centuries, mythologies all over the world spoke of Volcanoes as a different world, with references to demons and an “underworld”.

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