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Journey to the Void

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The music artist takes his ideas and creativity, packs them in his rucksack along with his guitar, and goes on a trip. And at the end of the journey, songs…



Exploring the World Void Web

Well, I’d like to think of it as music getting into me instead of me getting into music. I have been listening to music since a very young age, much like most of the readers here…Read More…

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I have been fascinated by marine life and especially ctenophores - such wonderful organisms, such innate beauty! In fact, it was a major inspiration in coming up with my debut instrumental music album "Think Void" in Sep 2016. One of the songs therein titled "One, The World Over" was dedicated to ctenophores in their oneness and abundant spread across all oceans. I keep wondering - Why can't we learn from undersea world and be one, the world over?

Metaphorically, for me, music is a unifying force. Across the world, different kinds of music play and enchant us, while at its core, remains fundamentally the same, world over - the notes, the emotions, and the ebb and flow.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful video on ctenphores! Do let me know!
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