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Journey to the Void

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The music artist takes his ideas and creativity, packs them in his rucksack along with his guitar, and goes on a trip. And at the end of the journey, songs…



Exploring the World Void Web

Well, I’d like to think of it as music getting into me instead of me getting into music. I have been listening to music since a very young age, much like most of the readers here…Read More…

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*** Think Void - Videos and Films ***

A visual extravaganza for the song "One, The World Over", from the album "Think Void", featuring the legendary guitarist Baiju Dharmajan. A big thanks to Baiju sir for adding "Epic Magic" to the song with his out-of-the-world leads! Thanks Arvind Chakrapal!
A big thanks to Rupin Dang and his fantabulous team at Wilderness Films who have created sheer magic with the visual imagery!

Forever indebted to you , Baiju and Rupin!

Much like Ctenophores, the deep sea creatures spread across all oceans unrestrained by borders, the song "One, The World Over", urges humans to embrace their oneness! The realisation that we are all 'spiritual beings immersed in human experiences' can bring about a paradigm shift in our thinking, thereby helping overcome man-made barriers and our individualistic web, to become "One, The World Over!"

Highly recommended to pump up the volume on your headphones and view in full screen!
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