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Journey to the Void

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The music artist takes his ideas and creativity, packs them in his rucksack along with his guitar, and goes on a trip. And at the end of the journey, songs…



Exploring the World Void Web

Well, I’d like to think of it as music getting into me instead of me getting into music. I have been listening to music since a very young age, much like most of the readers here…Read More…

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Take a bow, Webenza! It has been a fascinating journey and I am sure will continue to be so! Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

Writing success stories with our corporate clients is what we do every day, but working with a recording artist? Challenge accepted. World Void Web was a new and exciting endeavour, and like always, t...

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*** Videos on the CD of "Think Void" ***

As someone who always loved LPs and CDs, I must admit that getting CDs made for my debut album was a sudden-born in the month of Jul/Aug. My wife casually enquired about it and there! - A light bulb moment!

With the help of amazing personnel at SONY Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC and friends at Sound-Awake, I ended conceptualizing Audio CD artwork and design, all of which was made possible by Sangeeth Ram and Susan Theresa Davis. Prior to this, I had no clue what it takes to manufacture a CD and the associated design etc. This was a massive learning for me, enjoyable at the same time!

Hope you can give some time to the video and also pick up your copy of the album CD from Amazon India or any of the retail outlets mentioned below. Thanks so much for your love and support! Keep it coming, never let it end!

Note: Dr Prakash Sontakke II appears at the end of the video, talking about his experience on collaborating on "On The Edge Of The Unending", one of the tracks in the album.

Editing: Sandeep KS


To buy my debut music album "Think Void", visit the download links at

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Available at Retail outlets Calypso-Movies Music and More, Hysteria Local and Sound-Awake in Bangalore.

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